10 Best Town Hall 9 (TH9) Farming Base Layouts

In this compilation you will find the best Clash of Clans Farming Bases. This bases are perfect if you are trying to fill your Storages and want to protect your loot as much as possible from the enemy attacks. Hope you enjoy it!

TH 9 Farming Base

The first base is a beautiful symmetric layout. We have a strong center of the base with the Town Hall and Dark Elixir Storage both defended by a lot of defenses: four Hidden Teslas, two X-Bows, Barbarian King and Archer Queen.

If you want to protect specially the Dark Elixir just swtich its position with the Clan Castle to give it an extra protection. The Gold and Elixir Storages are each one covered by a Wizard Tower and Air Defense, defendind against ground and air troops.

Dark Elixir TH9 Farming Base

This is a good TH9 base for Dark Elixir farming. The DE Storage is in the center of the base well protected by the four Hidden Teslas, the two X-Bows and both Heroes. The Walls distribution makes it difficult to funnel correctly the troops and drive them to the center of the base.

The other Storages are also protected by Wizard Towers and Air Defense and some other defenses like Cannon and Archer Tower.

Best TH9 Farming Base

This is a great base for defending from ground troops. The Dead Zone makes it really defficult for the enemy to drive the troops to the Town Hall, plus it is protected by four Hidden Teslas, four Wizard Towers, both Heroes and the Clan Castle.

Giant Bombs and Spring Traps are also very well placed between buildings and Air Bombs are near the AD.

Ring Farming Base TH9

Now we have an amazin Ring Farming Base with an incredible design. As you can see the Town Hall itself is right in the center of the base protected by an individual Wall compartment.

The “Donut” design makes it really hard for the enemy to drive the troops to the TH and they start circling around, usually failing the attack and not getting the second star.

TH9 Loot Base

This is a good base for defending against ground troops as it has a lot of Wall compartments forcing the enemy player use 1 or 2 Jump Spells to go throught the Walls.

The loot Storages are covered by different defenses like Wizard Towers, Air Defenses, Archer Towers and Cannons.

TH9 Best Farming Base

In the next base we have an awesome beautiful design. We have a big center compartment with the Town Hall, Clan Castle, Dark Elixir Storage and several defenses.

All the compartments in the base are opened with a strategically placed Spring Trap to get rid of some ground troops.

Farming Base TH9

In this base we have the Town Hall and Clan Castle in the center in an individual compartment surrounded by Hidden Teslas, X-Bow and Air Defense. The Dark Elixir is covered by the Hidden Teslas too and Air Defense and Archer Towers. If you want an extra protection for DE you can switch position with Clan Castle.

The rest of loot storages around the base are defended by Wizard Towers, Archer Towers and Cannons.

Spiral Town Hall 9 Farming Base

This one is a beautiful design with spiral form. As you can see, the Town Hall is right in the center very well protected. It is surrounded by the X-Bows, two Hidden Teslas, four Wizard Towers and the Clan Castle.

Another good thing about this base is the great placement of the Spring Traps between defenses.

TH Level 9 Farming Base

The idea of this base is to use the Town Hall position as a bait to make the enemy attack by the front side. Right there is where all the defenses are placed to cause a lot of damage to the enemy troops and end their attack. We have the four Wizard Towers very close to each other causing a lot of splash damage plus the four Giant Bombs together plus the Bomb Tower.

The weakest part of the base is the rear side but it is solved by a lot of wall compartments that will slow down the troops.

Farming Base Town Hall 9

The best thing of this base is its open and big design. It makes it really difficult for the opponent to drive the troops correctly and you will see a lot of failed attacks with the troops circling around the base.

The Town Hall and Dark Elixir Storage are very well protected with the X-Bows, four Hidden Teslas and both Heroes.

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