10 Best Town Hall 10 (TH10) War Base Layouts

This is a compilation of the Best TH10 War Base Layouts of Clash of Clans. Here you will find any type of War Base: Anti 2-Star, Anti 3-Star, Anti Everything, Anti GoWiPe, Anti Valk, etc.. Hope you enjoy it!

Town Hall 10 Inferno Island War Base

This is a great Inferno Island War Base. The Town Hall is hard to reach for the enemy troops due to its centered position and being surrounded by several defenses like four Hidden Teslas, the Clan Castle and the both Heroes.

Another great thing of this base is it has two islands for the Infernos avoiding the enemy troops to target them and keep making damage for more time before being destroyed.

TH10 Anti 3 Star War Base

In this case we have an Anti 3 Star with the Town Hall outside the base. The objective in this type of bases is to prevent the third star so the Town Hall being outside it’s not a problem, furthemor, it is a good thing because we can make a center of the base more efficient with more defenses.

The base is also well campartimented, defending well against ground troops and the two Infernos are also in islands making it a great war base.

Town Hall 10 Symmetric Island War Base

A good thing about this base is it has four islands for the most important buildings: the Town Hall, the two Infernos and an X-Bow. This islands make it really hard for the enemy troops to target these buildings and the troops go straight to the center of the base while taking damage from the Infernos.

Also it has the Clan Castle completelly centered making hard to kill the CC troops. In the center we have another important defenses like two Air Defense, both Heroes and the five Giant Bombs around the Clan Castle.

Anti 3 Star TH10 War Base

Another great Anti 3 Star Base with the Town Hall in the outside. The idea of this design is to protect the two Inferno Towers with double walls while at the same time leaving open walls to drive the enemy troops to the center and keep damaging them.

It has a lot of small compartments making it a good Anti GoWiPe, Anti Valks or Anti Golem base.

TH 10 War Base

Another great War Base with two big islands for the Inferno Towers with double walls. The Town Hall is placed strategically to make enemies attack by his side where most of the defenses are. The Storages are also covering the Town Hall as they are one of the buildings with more hitpoints to slow down the troops.

The are also open spaces with no walls to drive in the troops making it really hard to funnel ground armies. All in all, a great war base.

Anti GoWiPe and Anti Valks TH10 War Base

This base is an Anti 3 Star Anti GoWiPe and Anti Valks specially designed with a lot of small compartments, making it really hard for PEKKAS and Valks go through the walls or forcing the enemy to use one or more Jump Spells.

It’s also a good defense against air troops having three Air Defense in one side covered by the two Air Sweepers.

Anti 2 Star Town Hall 10 War Base

Here we have an Anti 2 Star War Base with the Town Hall really centered in the middle of the base making enemy troops really hard to reach it. The TH is also very well protected with the two Infernos (covered each one by an island), four Hidden Teslas, the Archer Queen and the Clan Castle.

It’s also a great base for air defending as it has the four Air Defense quite centered and the two Air Sweepers well placed.

TH10 War Base Anti 3 Star

In this Anti 3 Star War Base we can see it’s designed specially for defending against air troops. There are three Air Defense in one side surrounded by a lot of Elixir Storages to slow down troops like Dragons, Electro Dragons or a Queen Walk.

For defense against ground troops is also a great base with a lot of double walls and a lot of compartments.

TH10 War Base Anti Eeverything

Another great War Base for air defending. The four Air Defense are very well protected by the two Air Sweepers pointing in both directions. The Queen is also separated from most of the AD to prevent an enemy Queen Walk.

We have a lot of compartments too with double walls making it a really tought base.

Anti Everything War Base TH 10

This is a good Anti Everything War Base. The position of Air Defenses and Air Sweepers and specially the Archer Queen really centered makes it a great base to defend against air troops.

It’s also a perfect base for defend against ground troops with a lot of small compartments and double walls. The Spring Traps are really well placed and the Clan Castle is hard to lure.

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