10 Best Town Hall 10 (TH10) Farming Base Layouts

Here you will find the best Town Hall 10 Farming base layouts of Clash of Clans. These base designs are made to keep the loot safe as much as possible and be able to keep farming and filling your storages. Hope you enjoy it!

Town Hall 10 Symmetric Farming Base

This is a great base with a very beautiful symmetric design. All the loot storages are defended by Archer Towers and Wizard Towers. The Dark Elixir Storage is in the center of the base surrounded by two Bomb Towers, Air Sweepers and Infernos. The Town Hall is also very protected by several defenses including the four Hidden Teslas.

This design has a lot of wall compartments so is a great Anti Valks, Anti GoWiPe, Anti Witch or Anti Golem as they have to go through several layers of walls, or force the enemy to use Jump Spells.

Town Hall 10 Ring Farming Base

This Ring or Donut base is great for Farming. It has all the storages in the second ring of walls and the Dark Elixir and Town Hall are in the last compartment in the middle of the base surrounded by four Hidden Teslas and two Inferno Towers.

The best point of this base is its Ring design wich is very difficul for the enemies to make a good funnel and drive the troops inside so they start circling the base and missing the attack.

TH 10 Farming Base with Bomb Tower

Another great TH10 Farm base to keep increasing your resources. This base especially has a good defence of the Town Hall as it is defended by the four Hidden Teslas, two X-Bows, one Archer Tower and two Bomb Towers.

The Dark Elixir is also in a good position in the center of the base defended by an Inferno Tower, two X-Bows and Air Sweeper.

TH10 Dark Elixir Farming Base

In this deign the Dark Elixir storage is the most defended building as it is in the center of the base surrounded by a lot of defenses like two Inferno Towers, two X-Bow, Barbarian King and Archer Queen.

The Town Hall and the rest of storages are also well protected by a lot of defenses and there is a good amount of wall compartments to slow down the enemy troops so it makes it a great Farming base.

Dark Elixir Farming Base with Dead Zone

In this case we have another great base desing to farm Dark Elixir. As you can see, the DE Storage and the Town Hall are both in the center defended by four Hidden Teslas, three X-Bows and two Inferno Towers.

All of this is surrounded by a Dead Zone that makes it very hard to the enemies to drive the troops inside the center of the base as they probably will start circling around.

TH 10 Donut Farming Base

Here we go with another Donut base as they seems to defend very well. As you can see, in the center we have the most important building as the Town Hall, the Clan Castle, the Dark Elixir and both Heroes, all defended by the two Infernos, the three X-Bows and three Teslas.

The external compartments are connected by Spring Traps to get rid of some of the enemies troops.

TH10 Loot Farming Base

This is a very beautiful design with a lot of symmetric. In the center there is the Town Hall and DE Storage defended by the four Hidden Teslas, the two Inferno Towers and the three X-Bows.

The Gold and Elixir Storages are placed among the external compartments and are also very well defended by diferent defenses like Archer Tower, Air Defense, two Bomb Tower and both Heroes.

Hero Defence Farming Base

In this base we have both Heroes Barbarian King and Archer Queen in the center of the base defending the Town Hall and the Dark Elixir Storage. It is recommended to have both Heroes at maximum level so they can defend with all their power.

On the other side we have a lot of compartments to defend against ground troops and all the Air Defense are well centered to defend against air troops making it a great base to defend both against ground and air enemies.

TH10 Tesla Defense Farming Base

This base is perfect for farming because it has all the Storages very well defended and centered. The Spring Traps and Air Bombs are also strategically placed to get rid of some enemy troops.

If you want to give an extra protection to the Dark Elixir Storage it is a good idea to switch its position with the Clan Castle. Both ways are good but depends on what you want to protect more. The most centered position has a great protection surrounded by the four Tesla Towers.

TH10 Farming Base

This design is made to especially protect the Town Hall as it has an individual compartment at the center of the base. It’s a good base for Farming but cant also be used for Pushing or as an Hibryd base because it’s difficult to 3-Star.

As you can see the Storages are placed in both sides of the base forcing the enemy to decide one side and make it really difficult to steal all the loot, something only possible 3-Starring the base.

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